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Located in Northwest Denver (LoHi)
Avanti F&B
3200 Pecos St.
Denver, CO 80211
Ryan Fletter
Ryan Fletter, owner of Denver's highly acclaimed and award winning Italian restaurant 'Barolo Grill' is proudly bringing you 'Chow Morso' and it's Italian street foods concept after decades of experience and travel throughout Italy.
Darrel Truett
Using carefully honed and crafted restaurant skills from years of experience and currently through Barolo Grill, Darrel Truett will serve as the culinary director of Chow Morso. His envisionments will come to life in a story made of pasta and other Italian street food delights. 
Chow Morso Concept
Chow Morso features imaginative Italian street food such as fresh pastas, lightly fried calamari (fritto misto), savory doughnuts, creamy, refreshing gelato and other Italian street food items. The menu is designed to offer large portions (chow) or small portions or bites (morso) of every dish. The menu offers fresh pastas (tagliatelle, rigatoni, gnocchi and gluten-free polenta options) accommpanied by a variety of sauces. Feel free to explore the menu with chow or morso portions and discover your favorite Italian flavors from the culinary vision of the award winning team behind Barolo Grill. 

Chow Morso was created for people to explore Italian street food further than just a taste but rather an experience. At its' birth, Chow Morso has a casual feel with the backbone of thoughtful restaurant skills of chef Darrel Truett (Executive Culinary Director) and Don Gragg (Executive Chef)
Don Gragg
Don Gragg (Executive Chef) started at Barolo with Ryan over 20 years ago and has pursued a career including national acclaimed restaurants such as Chez Panisse in Berkley California and Gramercy Tavern in New YorkHe will be able to use his culinary skills at Chow Morso in a new setting.